Your First Visit

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You are very welcome!

In order to make your first visit with us comfortable, here is some information about what to expect:

What do you do with kids?

We offer secure children's classrooms for infants through preschool age with a check-in/ check-out system. Our nursery & preschool classrooms are open for both Sunday School and our worship times.

For children ages 5 years through 5th grade we offer Sunday School and KidZone Worship during our worship time.

How long are your services?

Our service time is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

How should I dress?

We have a relaxed dress code. Come as you are! Please, just try to be respectful to others.

What is the service like?

We offer a worship service of blended contemporary and traditional worship styles and strong Biblical teaching. Between our worship in song and the preaching, we celebrate Communion (the partaking of unleavened bread and grape juice) to remember the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf.

Is Communion just for members?

No. It is the Lord's Table, not ours. We observe Communion as a regular part of our Sunday worship service, and except for instances of church discipline, this sacrament is open to all who are trusting Jesus Christ for salvation.

Young persons who have made a faith commitment to Jesus (either a public confession of their faith, or have been baptized), are welcome to participate.

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