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Upcoming Sermons:

-November 17th: "Who, Me?" (Who's Next? Series - Brother Allen)

-November 24th: "Being Thankful" (Who's Next? Series - Pastor Josh)

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November 10th- "Rebuilding Walls" (Who's Next? Series - Brother David)

November 3rd- "Plugging In & Plugging Along" (Who's Next? Series - Pastor Josh)

Question: What can you be doing to be actively involved in serving within this congregation to help it grow toward health?

Main Verses: 1 Peter 4:8-11; Ephesians 4:1-6, 11-16; Luke 8:4-8, 11-15

Main Idea: What is the expectation that Paul gives us for actively doing the work with the gifts that He has given us? 

-For the training & equipping of the saints in the ministry.

-To build up the Body of Christ.

-To reach unity in the faith and knowledge of Christ.

-For each of us to grow into maturity. 

-So that we will be solid in our faith and no longer tossed about by the world or the enemy. 

Point 1: Plugged in: None of these things is possible if you are not willing, as individuals and as a congregation, to get plugged in and start doing the work!

-Matthew 25:14-40

-1 Peter 4:8-11

Point 2: Plugging Along: None of these things will last if you do not stay plugged in and doing the work.

-1 Peter 4:12

-2 Corinthians 4:16-18

-1 Thessalonians 5:11-13

-Ephesians 6:13

October 27th- "Developing Timothy" (Who's Next? Series - Pastor Josh)

Changing the Perspective: Ambassadors vs. Spies- Working within a world at war.

Main Verses: 1 John 2:28-29; 3:18-20; 4:1-2;7-12

Barnabas/ Timothy Relationship

-Spiritual Son (1 Timothy 1:2-5)

-Student (2 Timothy 3:10-11)

-Colleague (Romans 16:21)

Main Idea: After accepting salvation, the purpose God has for you is sanctification: becoming completely obedient and surrendered to Him. Part of that obedience is discipleship.

Point 1: Are you preparing yourself to be able to effectively mentor your Timothy?

-1 Timothy 4-6

Point 2: Are you effectively leading and discipling your Timothy?

-1 Cor. 15:49, 58

-1 John 2:28

-Hebrews 12:11-12; 13:17

-1 Timothy 4:12

-Titus 2:7

"Timothy was the man whom Paul could trust and send anywhere, knowing that he would go. Happy indeed is the leader who possesses a lieutenant like that. Timothy is our example of how we should serve in the faith." (Barclay)