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SpringCreek Fellowship

Current Praise & Prayer Reports


  • Peg Bossard who attended the Brook on Sunday, May 6th; 
  • Kiran Dongardive who is finally back home after a successful trip to India;
  • A successful and busy day hosting Life Life Screenings.


  • Eddie and Cindy Blanks (both continuing to battle cancer);
  • Greg Nelson (cancer);
  • George Wingo (returning strength after cancer treatments);
  • Pray for the family of James McClain as they mourn the passing of his grandfather;
  • Our upcoming Mother's Day Breakfast and celebration; 
  • Our Vision Team as they continue to seek God's heart for the future ministries of SCF.

Prayer is a vital part of the Christian life, and it is a vital part of any healthy church’s ministry. At SpringCreek Fellowship, we want to be known as “a house of prayer.” The purpose of this page, then, is to give the SpringCreek Fellowship family and friends the opportunity to carry on the ministry of prayer throughout the week.

After each Sunday’s service, prayer requests will be posted on this page. We will follow three options:

  1. Prayer requests will be posted with names being used.
  2. Prayer requests will be posted with minimal information, with only initials being used, if requested.
  3. Confidential prayer requests will not be posted at all.

We will honor the instructions we are given for each prayer request.

In addition, as prayer needs become known throughout the week, they will also be posted on this page, if permission to do so is given.

If you have a prayer need that you would like posted to this page, please email it to Pastor Rick Grace (rickg@springcreekfellowship.com) along with instructions of how you would like it to be posted, given the options listed above. Thanks!